CROWD kondigt met trots de volledige overname van LUMIGUIDE Smart Mobility Solutions aan

Onze deelneming CROWD heeft zojuist de volledige overname van Lumiguide Smart Mobility Solutions aangekondigd. Zie hieronder het Engelse persbericht.


Since its foundation in 2014, Creators of the outside world (CROWD) have always had the ambition to have a significant impact on the outside public living environment

As a young and innovative group of established companies, we are involved in and contribute to designing and furnishing public spaces with products which enable modal transport, socialisation and interaction, along with sustainable and circularity design principles.

From the very first moment since forming the CROWD group, we have aimed for encouraging people to go outside and becoming the leading group in street furniture, public sheltering and bicycle parking infrastructure across Western Europe.

Back in 2019, we already took over a small stake of 20% of LUMIGUIDE, whilst the business was developing. Now it is with great pleasure that today, we as CROWD are delighted to announce the 100% acquisition of LUMIGUIDE Smart Mobility Solutions in the Netherlands.

LUMIGUIDE is a smart cities solutions provider. They harness the power of IT and data technology to help cities make cost-efficient choices today and create sustainable urban policies for tomorrow. With their tailored mobility advice and Smart Mobility Solutions based on the latest technologies, they serve governments and companies worldwide.

LUMIGUIDE have a passion for software development and creating livable cities – this means making sure that everybody can move around the city with ease and in a sustainable way. This includes stress-free parking of bicycles or cars and getting the right information at the right time whilst finding the way through the city. It also means unclogged city-centers and a pleasant environment for city dwellers and visitors alike.

To realize their vision of smart, sustainable and satisfying places to live and move in, LUMIGUIDE builds on three successful solution-oriented pillars: Smart Parking Management (help commuters to find available parking spaces and the municipalities to monitor their parking facilities), Urban Mobility Management (offer insight into pedestrian and bicycle traffic flows within the city and their Smart Waste Management ensures efficient waste collection and reduces carbon dioxide emissions) and Smart Data Management (include a modular smart city dashboard where all smart city data can be combined and monitored).


James Steward, CEO CROWD Group, says:

CROWD have always believed in the people, and products generated by LUMIGUIDE. To show this commitment we (CROWD) took a small stake of 20% back in 2019, whilst the business was developing. From this we built our foundations, trust, relations and the business direction and development further. Today we welcome LUMIGUIDE fully into CROWD group by acquiring the remaining 80% shareholding whilst of course retaining the whole team of very talented individuals.

Our vision states that we wish to “Be the leading group in street furniture, public sheltering, and bicycle parking infrastructure with a key focus on Circularity and Smart city solutions across western Europe.”

We are indeed the leading group in Europe now, and with LUMIGUIDE fully into the group, our smart city solutions focus, and plans can be fully developed, deployed and achieved.

We warmly welcome LUMIGUIDE to our group and are very excited to develop ourselves further into the realms of the smart city.”


Monique Harmsen, CEO of LUMIGUIDE underlines this statement saying:

“In joining forces with the CROWD Group, with its leading position in the European market for bicycle parking infrastructure, parking tech front runner LUMIGUIDE Smart Mobility Solutions will be able to expand its horizons even further. The strong shared values within the Group with regards to sustainability, client focus and knowledge sharing will enable us to do what we do even better than before: create smart solutions to promote cycling as an integral part of urban mobility. As the market leader in AI-based bicycle detection systems, we at LUMIGUIDE Smart Mobility Solutions are very much looking forward to working with CROWD to develop new technologies that will benefit our clients. We are all very excited to see what the future brings!”



Creators of the outside world is a young and innovative group of established companies that is involved in designing and furnishing the public space. CROWD’s key focus areas are within Cycling Infrastructure, Shelters and Street furniture.

CROWD aims to make a conscious contribution to the living environment of society by developing products which enable modal transport, socialisation, and interaction, along with sustainable and circularity design principles. CROWD’s majority shareholder is CONVENT CAPITAL.

CROWD was founded in 2014 and via its buy & build strategy consists now with the acquisition of LumiGuide of 6 companies, namely VelopA, ZIEGLER, IJslander, HITSA (including LAMPAS) and Bailey Street Furniture Group (including Cyclepods). Group turnover is more than €120 mio, with a total of 9 main office locations throughout 5 countries and 5 production locations.


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