Dutch Catering Equipment (Ducate) Group is the parent company of leading brands in the production, supply, installation and service of catering equipment, refrigeration technology and industrial kitchen technology.

Ducate Group aims to be at the forefront of developments and opportunities in the market from a broader manufacturer and service perspective. Present opportunities include designing and developing smarter kitchens that respond to the shortage on the labor market (fewer chefs available). And the trend that is related to the energy transition: from gas to electricity.

In addition to cooperation, knowledge sharing, economies of scale, market insight and support in product innovation, Ducate Group also provides its preferred membership with Dumaco, with over 680 employees in (stainless steel) plate processing and laser cutting, the largest plate processor in the Benelux. All brands within Ducate Group are independently operating entities with their own management and employees.

Visit www.ducate.nl for more information.

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