SafeSize develops and offers unique technological solutions to the footwear industry through the provision of personalized advice to every consumer. By integrating 3D foot analysis, 3D scanning of shoes, custom-made insoles and fitting algorithms, SafeSize helps people to find the perfect fitting shoes. SafeSize offers commercial retailers an omni-channel solution that fully integrates the online and offline experience.

SafeSize focuses on 3 USPs:

– Online: Safesize technologies help the online shopper to buy the right size shoe with confidence. This process increases the conversion, reduces returns and also creates loyal and satisfied customers

– Sport retail: SafeSize offers a unique functional advice process that connects athletes with the right type of shoe based on physiological needs and personal sport goals. This process leads to a higher conversion, better performance of athletes, fewer injuries and at the same time an improvement of all major retail KPIs

– Children: SafeSize offers a unique solution that optimizes shoe fit and predicts how long a child can do with the shoe based on advanced growth simulation algorithms. This leads to loyal and satisfied customers

With more than 1,000 stores using SafeSize technologies in more than 13 countries, the largest database of 3D foot and shoe scans in the world, this unique concept has been widely tested in the market and has proven to be a significant return on investment for retail partners. In the future, SafeSize will further develop and roll out its solution to become the global standard in a new, highly personalized way of shopping.

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Transaction date

July 6, 2012