Convertus (CWG) is a group of 4 waste treatment facilities in Canada, consisting of the former activities of Renewi in Canada (Surrey, London, Ottowa) plus an additional facility on Vancouver Island. In addition, Waste Treatment Technologies is part of the group, first a stand-alone participation of Convent Capital, which contains the technological knowledge and expertise within the group to enable the processing facilities to function optimally and to build new high-tech facilities.

The group’s goal is to process and valorise the green waste in North America in a circular manner, through fermentation and composting. Most of these waste streams are simply being dumped at the moment, which leads to a burden on nature and a strong emission of greenhouse gases. By processing the waste on the basis of the latest techniques, the waste can be converted back into usable raw materials, such as compost, bio-gas and fertilizer, and the emission of greenhouse gases is stopped.

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Transaction date: September-2019

De Surrey waste treatment facility in Vancouver, Canada