New step in our software-driven engineering services play

With the purchase of Dijkstra Group, we are taking a new step in building out the Innovus Group.


As of January 1, 2023, Dijkstra Group will be transferred to new hands. The company was taken over by management and investor Convent Capital, who joined last year. This step makes it possible for Dijkstra Groep to also join forces with companies affiliated with Convent Capital, such as Zonneveld Ingenieurs, Ingenieursbureau Ulehake and software developer Future Insight.

A concept in the Northern Netherlands
The family business, founded in 1884 by Sieger Dijkstra, has a rich history in road and hydraulic engineering and is a household name in the Northern Netherlands. More than 230 employees work at Dijkstra Group, spread over branches in Leek and Amsterdam-Zwanenburg. Within the Dijkstra Group, Koninklijke Sjouke Dijkstra (KSD) is active as a contractor in soil, road, water and civil concrete construction. KSD is one of the contractors within Combinatie Herepoort that is working on the Approach Ring South project in Groningen. MUG Ingenieursbureau operates nationwide and provides design and consultancy services in the field of infrastructure, water, nature, environment, archaeology, energy, geo-ict & data, specialist dimensions and surveying. The takeover includes the participations in Westerbroek Asphalt Production, Asphalt Knowledge Center and AKROH wear layers. We are characterized as practical thinkers and smart doers.

Building a new future
The acquisition of Dijkstra Groep fits in Convent Capital’s buy&build strategy and is aimed at forming a group of companies active in the software-driven engineering services market. The ambition is to become ‘the leading digital engineer’ and thus lead the way in the chain from initiative to realization and management. With software-driven services we can offer high-quality technical solutions for complex inner-city projects and together we focus on the engineering and realization of infrastructure, impact, safety and sustainability.

By participating in this group of companies, the Dijkstra Group can immediately benefit from knowledge and synergy benefits and thus strengthen its services. As an engineering and contractor company, we focus on sustainable value creation for and the ambition of clients. In this way, we continue to build an economic, healthy and sustainable future together with employees and clients.

Change in management composition
The changed management of Dijkstra Groep consists of Edwin Oostinga and Erik Poel. Both joined Dijkstra Groep as board members in April 2021 with the prospect of a takeover of shares. They have solid experience in the engineering and contractor industry and have a large network. As part of the acquisition, Oostinga and Poel will also become shareholders of the Dijkstra Group.

After five generations, the last Dijkstra (the current chairman of VNO-NCW Noord) is now stepping down. Dijkstra and four other shareholders transfer their shares. From January 1, 2023, the organization will say goodbye to the old directors and the family relationship. Sieger Dijkstra will then say goodbye to the Supervisory Board and directors and co-shareholders Wim de Keijzer and Theo Brattinga will also say goodbye. Over the past ten years, they have successfully expanded Dijkstra Group from 130 to more than 230 employees. The new directors are very grateful to them for their enormous commitment to the organization and the way in which they have led Dijkstra Groep.