CCC (Poland) reaches 1 million consumer foot scans via the SafeSize solutions

Over a million users have already used the innovative scanners available in CCC and stores and in the eobuwie application to scan their feet! Thanks to the service, which has been operating for 1.5 years, the CCC Group now has the largest database of this type in #Poland and the world.

Women (63%) are more likely to scan their feet, and the size of statistical footwear for an adult Polish woman is 38.2, while for Poles 42.3.

Thanks to the service, CCC can create in 5 seconds a precise, three-dimensional model of its customer’s feet containing all the dimensions necessary for a perfect fit of the footwear – length, width, instep height or foot circumference. The CCC Group and SafeSize are developing and improving this solution further and introduce it to new markets of activity.

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