CROWD purchases German market leader Ziegler Metall GmbH

Since its inception, Creators of the Outside World (CROWD), has strived to make a conscious contribution to the outside public living environment. Thourgh it’s mission, to encourage people to go outside, and its vision, to be the leading group in street furniture, public sheltering, and bicycle parking infrastructure with a key focus on Circularity and Smart city solutions across western Europe.

Today CROWD and Convent Capital take a huge step forward in reaching CROWD’s ambitions to become the leading pan-European player in this field. It is with great pleasure we can announce the acquisition of Ziegler Metallbearbeitung GmbH and its subsidiaries into the CROWD group.

For 27 years Ziegler Metallbearbeitung GmbH have led the German market in our field with an extensive array of industry leading knowledge in product development and selection, marketing, along with manufacturing and logistics excellence. CROWD highly respects the achievements of Ziegler Metallbearbeitung and believes they are the ideal addition to the group. The fact that both businesses shared the same vision, and mission prior to coming together, is a testament to the foundation this new relationship is built upon.

There are many strategic synergies CROWD and Ziegler Metallbearbeitung jointly foresee which, in turn will bring a vast amount of value to the group and, all the companies within.

James Steward, CEO CROWD, says “With Ziegler a wealth of experience, substantial product and marketing knowledge along with industrial leading shelter manufacturing comes into the group. With annual revenues at excess of €70 Million as a group going forward, our Vision and Mission are well within in our sights. I am truly looking forward to working with Christoph and Thomas Ziegler, along with the management team of Ziegler Metallbearbeitung to realise, and capitalise on all the fruitfull synergies we see together. Even amid a global pandemic, all group companies continue to grow. This highlights the professionalism and knowledge of our employees, the quality of our product offerings combined with resource only a group can offer and, last but least, the stability of the market we operate in.”

Dirk Hoorn, Co-founder of Convent Capital says “From the outset we believed that by forming the CROWD group in 2014 we could play a positive key role in the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of people, along with contributing to the Circular economy. Six years on, we at Convent are incredibly proud to witness the continued growth within the group and to keep contributing to an attractive outside environment which enables the growth in cycling and encourages people to go outside, interact and enjoy nature. The addition of Ziegler Metallbearbeitung not only strengthens the group from a geographical and revenue perspective but also just as importantly, from a production point of view which enables our circular ambitions even further.”

Christoph and Thomas Ziegler see the integration of Ziegler into the CROWD group as a very good basis for further growth in a dynamic market environment by exploiting a variety of synergy effects, e.g. bundling purchasing volumes, sales and marketing activities, innovation potential within the group, and strengthening of the project business. The two brothers fully share the vision of the CROWD Group and are highly motivated to further develop and expand Ziegler’s successful business model with the supporting pillars of production and trade on the German market.

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