CROWD strengthens position in UK market through purchase of Bailey Group

Convent CROWD Bailey

Since its foundation in 2014, Creators of the Outside World (CROWD) have had the ambition to make a significant impact on the outside public living environment.

A young and innovative group of established companies, we are involved in and contribute to designing and furnishing public spaces with products which enable modal transport, socialisation, and interaction, along with sustainable and circular design principles.

From the initial moment of forming the CROWD group, we have aimed for encouraging people to go outside and become the leading group in street furniture, public sheltering, and bicycle parking infrastructure across Western Europe.

It is with great pleasure that today, we as CROWD are delighted to announce the acquisition of Bailey Street Furniture Group (BSFG).

After being active for many years in the street furniture arena, Ian Bailey founded BSFG back in 2003 with the straight-forward vision ‘to build a better world by creating stimulating and functional outdoor spaces, that allow us to thrive and enhance our everyday lives.’

It was only in 2020 that after years of successful development, Bailey Street Furniture Group was established, merging affiliated brands (Bailey Street Scene, Artform, AMV Playgrounds and Street Furniture Direct) and all associated products into one core group umbrella. Since its beginning, the Bailey name has been synonymous with high quality and reliable external furniture making them one of the leading companies in the UK in our field.

Ian Bailey and the BSFG management team are extremely enthusiastic about the integration into the CROWD group of companies. Having made significant progress year-on-year in improving their day-to-day operations and strengthening their market position, this collaboration is the next step in continuing the plans for future growth in the UK.

Being already established in the UK market Cyclepods – a brand well-known for their focus on cyclists, design, and sustainability – felt it was a logical conclusion and consequence in the wake of the acquisition of BSFG to form a new UK Group combining both companies.

Combing experience of street furniture, canopy & playground divisions, with the clear market leader in cycle parking & storage solutions (Cyclepods), provides a robust, comprehensive, and consolidated offer to the UK market.

James Steward, CEO CROWD Group, says;

‘I am pleased to announce that Our Mission, to encourage people to go outside, alongside Our Vision, to be the leading group in street furniture, public sheltering, and bicycle parking infrastructure with a key focus on Circularity and Smart city solutions across Western Europe, by 2023 is well within our grasps due the acquisition of Bailey Street Furniture Group (BFSG). Our newly formed UK Group combining both Cyclepods and BFSG, provides full geographic coverage to the UK, with locations in Kent, Lancashire and Cheshire, a comprehensive product portfolio spanning street furniture, play, cycling infrastructure and sheltering, and, last but by no means least, UK based manufacture! Reshoring manufacture to the UK plays a pivotal role within CROWD enabling us to meet and hopefully exceed our Circular and sustainability goals. We are firmly committed to CROWD UK and its own local mission to be number one in the UK market!’

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