SafeSize raises €10 million for its 3D tech

Amsterdam-based ‘footwear recommendation technology’ (I too had to do a double take) startup SafeSize has raised €10 million in a Series B round of funding.

The fresh cash comes from prior backers 3TS Capital Partners and Convent Capital, as well as additional but unnamed ‘strategic investors’.

What SafeSize does is essentially help online and offline footwear retailers to better serve customers by finding perfect fitting shoes. Using 3D foot scanning systems with fitting algorithms combined with an extensive database of previously 3D scanned shoes, SafeSize says it can match people with the perfect pair of shoes in no time.

More than 2,000 shoe retailers and brands are already using its solutions, and that it has analysed over 13 million consumers and 1 million shoes to date.

The startup says it will use the capital to strengthen its leadership in the virtual fitting recommendation space by “attracting new talent, accelerating product innovation and entering new markets”.

SafeSize was founded (and first funded) back in 2012.